2016 Program


The LCF2016 Program will explore building resilient communities through four themes. Click here for descriptions.

The 2016 program is currently under development, please check back often for the latest information related to the program and speakers.

The preliminary program for the Forum will be posted online on May 16, 2016. 

Program Themes

1. Preparing Canadians for a changing climate

  • Communicating climate change impacts and risks
  • Best practices in adaptation and resilience planning
  • New and emerging risks, related to climatic changes such as extreme/unpredictable weather,
    rising temperature, rising sea level, etc.
  • Assessing vulnerability and risk at a local level

2. Responding to extreme weather and climate change

  • Changing nature of roles and responsibilities
  • Integrating climate change into emergency management
  • Best practices from communities across Canada and internationally

3. Mainstreaming implementation in Canadian communities

  • Community acceptance of change
  • Mainstreaming implementation into processes such as adaptation planning,
    policy, community engagement, and within organizations
  • Innovative practices in integrating resilience in communities
  • New and emerging municipal and community partners
  • Building partnerships to enhance community resilience

4. Measuring progress on climate action

  • Best practices in monitoring and evaluation
  • Using indicators to measure resilience
  • Applying tools to measure municipal progress