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The LCF2015 Program will explore building flood resilience through the following four themes:

Understanding– What does it mean for a community to build resilience to floods? This theme will explore what resilience means for communities by examining methods for assessing the economic and social impacts of flooding, approaches for analysing the value of flood protection works, the role of data and collaborative analysis for improving mitigation, and how communities decide what amount of flood risk they are willing to tolerate.

Planning – How does a community build resilience?  Planning resilience involves anticipating risks, protecting people and property, and developing recovery mechanisms. This theme will examine how flood resilience can be incorporated into existing and planned development, providing examples of best practices and lessons learned through the experiences of Calgary and other municipalities.

Mainstreaming – Why does resilience need to be part of the everyday? Emerging work on building resilient communities emphasizes the need to ‘mainstream’ resilience into processes such as planning, policy, community engagement, and within organizations. Interactive sessions will provide an opportunity to discuss topics that include communications and meaningful engagement on flood risk and mitigation, and partnerships to reduce flood impacts to the social and economic structure of a community.

Advancing – How can we ensure we continue to building flood resilience into the future? This theme will highlight ways to monitor progress towards resiliency, natural resiliency measures, climate change considerations in decision-making, and how people and organizations can be empowered to enhance a community’s resiliency.

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Program Overview