Study Tours

Study tours and workshops will take place on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM. All tours will depart from the Victoria Conference Centre on Wednesday morning. Further details on study tours will be provided closer to the Forum.

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Study tours give you a chance to see first-hand a variety of local resilience and sustainability projects in action. The tours are designed as half day excursions that allow delegates to explore Victoria and the surrounding area via walking, cycling, and transit (and more!), visiting community-based and municipally managed projects. These “travelling workshops” provide a hands-on opportunity to learn about best practices, ask questions, and get to know what low carbon resilience looks like in Victoria.

Tour of Dockside Green

Picture1Dockside Green is a landmark sustainable development project located on 15 acres on Victoria’s Inner Harbour. This project is an excellent example of brownfield redevelopment and green building design including LEED for Neighbourhood Development certification, on-site wastewater treatment, water management, renewable energy technology, diverse mobility, and affordable housing options. The tour will include a historical and current review of the property and tours of the biological wastewater  treatment plant and biomass gasification plant. Max 40 delegates.

Heritage Buildings TourPicture2

Much of Victoria’s lasting charm and character stem from its unique collection of well-preserved historic buildings, many of which date back to the earliest days of settlement in British Columbia. During this current period of high economic activity, a range of important issues must be considered to maintain the City’s commitment to preserve its heritage including seismic upgrades, affordability, and the low-carbon goals of the City. This tour will visit several development examples where the City and the development community have looked to find solutions to these broad challenges.

Bicycles, Buses, & Boats– Oh My!

VicPicture3toria is a city on the move. In order to accommodate new growth and support objectives on climate action, health, economic development and community resiliency, the City of Victoria is transforming the built environment to increase mode share for cycling, walking and public transit. This free multi-modal tour will showcase examples of transportation infrastructure and services and provide delegates with insights on land use and development policies that help to reduce demand for parking. The route will feature protected bike lanes, electric busses, car sharing, harbour ferries, bike parking, pedestrian paths and much more!

Explanatory note: This tour will be a true multi-modal experience. Participants should expect moderate physical activity and be prepared for the weather. Bicycles and helmets will be provided for the cycling portion of the tour. Tour Size minimum of 10, maximum of 24.

Local Food

Victoria,_BC_-wikimedia_garden_behind_Paper_Box_Arcade_02Not only does Victoria have excellent local restaurants, gardening and urban food production are popular year-round activities in Victoria, the City of Gardens.  Come learn about the innovative ways that the City of Victoria is helping to increase the amount of food grown in the city. Hear about commercial urban agriculture, backyard chickens and bees. Visit a community commons garden, a community orchard, and boulevard gardens. We will also visit a small-scale commercial urban food producer, growing and selling food crops right here in the City. Max 22 delegates.




Exploring Bowker Creek

Bowker Creek is a highly developed, multijurisdictional, urban watershed. The Bowker Creek Blueprint sets out 100-year vision and opportunistic plan to restore hydrological function and includes climate-adapted watershed-wide and reach-specific recommendations. A key short-term action was achieved through a successful collaboration between the Bowker Creek Initiative, District of Oak Bay, School District 61, Oak Bay High School, and the Capital Regional District to restore a section of the creek through the school grounds and create a unique outdoor classroom built into the bank of the creek. the outdoor classroom while learning about Bowker Creek Blueprint and other climate change adaptation actions being taken by Bowker Creek Initiative partners.

The tour will be outside and a bus will transport participants. Participants should be prepared for the weather.