Livable Cities Forum

September 18 - 20, 2017

Victoria, BC


A boutique event for municipalities and community stakeholders

coming together to build healthy, resilient communities

October 28-30, 2019

Explore the beautiful City of Victoria

Study Tours

Study Tours

Study tours give you a chance to see first-hand a variety of local resilience and sustainability projects in action. The tours are designed as half day excursions that...

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Venue | Hotel

Venue | Hotel

Venue The 2019 Livable Cities Forum will be held at the Victoria Conference Centre.  Steps from the historic Crystal Garden, the Victoria Conference Centre is one of...

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A message from Mayor Lisa Helps

Mayor Helps (1)The City of Victoria is thrilled to host 2019 Livable Cities Forum: Building Better Communities Through Resilience. Since hosting the LCF in 2017, the City of Victoria has adopted a bold Climate Leadership Plan that accelerates action towards low-carbon prosperity and lays out a path for a smart, connected, and resilient community.


We look forward to hosting and to learning what exciting projects and initiatives are underway across the country. As climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts continue in cities around the world, it’s critically important to bring both a health and well-being and an equity lens to our efforts. We must take seriously the proposition that without attention to the health impacts of climate change we risk rolling back much of the progress that has been made for healthy communities in the last few decades.


Climate change action that uses a health and social equity lens can help to protect the most vulnerable, while at the same time providing a mechanism to build better neighbourhoods, promote social connectedness, facilitate deeper collaboration with diverse sectors, and engage with citizens on the ground. I look forward to welcoming you to Victoria this October for this exciting opportunity to build resilient and sustainable cities for future generations.

  • Message from Mayor Lisa Helps