ACT (the Adaptation to Climate Change Team), SFU
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ACT (the Adaptation to Climate Change Team), SFU

ACT brings leading experts from around the world together with industry, community, and government decision-makers to explore the risks posed by top-of-mind climate change issues and identify opportunities for sustainable adaptation.

We are:

  • The only university-based think tank initiative in North America dedicated to climate change adaptation
  • Involved in adaptation in Canada and internationally through academic, corporate and community events, networks and affiliations
  • A publisher of research reports identifying policy opportunities and resources designed to bridge from theory to action in support of sustainable adaptation
  • A clearing house for Canadian and international adaptation and climate change information
  • A way to get involved

Climate change is here, bringing unprecedented challenges, but also new opportunities. It is vital that we equip decision-makers with resources that will assist industry, governments, and communities to adapt to the impacts. SFU has formed ACT in response to this need.

ACT studies nine top-of-mind climate change areas (Biodiversity, Extreme Weather, Energy, Water Security, Crops & Food Supply, Sea Level Rise, Health Risks, Population Displacement, and New Technologies) and considers ways to protect environmental, economic and social well being throughout its five-year program.

Working in conjunction with leading experts supported by the expertise of SFU researchers and faculty, ACT studies the problems posed as well as potential solutions, and identifies policy opportunities while developing adaptation resources.

ACT’s advisers include experts such as leading environmental economist Dr. Nancy Olewiler, former provincial Deputy Minister of Sustainable Resource Management Jon O’Riordan, and adaptation science expert Dr. Stewart Cohen. ACT’s findings have stimulated new policymaking and research as well as widespread public interest — the program has received national media attention including presence in Canadian Businessmagazine.

ACT is a unique combination of research, education, outreach and policy innovation designed to benefit the Canadian economy, its decision-makers and communities.

Climate change is the challenge of a lifetime – it’s time to ACT!

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  • Since 1990%
  • No. of cities 1500%
  • No. of offices 19%
  • No. of staff 280%


ICLEI is a champion of local governments. We are an international association of local governments that have made a commitment to sustainable development. We promote participatory, long-term strategic planning processes to support local-level sustainability, and have been working with communities on sustainability issues since 1990.

ICLEI Canada understands the unique needs of communities preparing for climate change and has significant expertise in helping them achieve their adaptation and preparedness goals. Our staff have been working with municipalities, community members, experts, and local practitioners to deliver engaging meetings, workshops, and conferences for over 20 years. We help communities, local practitioners, and scientific experts communicate with one another, understand each other’s needs, and advance their field of study to each party’s mutual benefit.

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