COVID-19 has upended life across Canada, and around the world. More than ever, the well-being of Canada’s urban communities – both urban and rural – will be completely dependent on their resilience: their capacity to anticipate, adapt and respond to challenges posed by sudden shocks and chronic stresses.

Challenges and Opportunities

COVID-19 has exacerbated the pre-existing and often enormous challenges faced by Canada’s cities and towns. In addition to the challenges of COVID-19, Canadian communities are preparing for a changing climate, identifying and addressing chronic inequality, and managing aging infrastructure. All of this in an environment where the cost of addressing such resilience challenges far exceeds the resources available through public sector budgets.

The 2020 Livable Cities Forum will offer a platform and venue through which to come together to discuss and workshop how to advance our work on climate change, while building resilience into our communities. Bringing together municipal practitioners, elected officials, resilience thinkers, and community experts, the Forum will offer both keynote presentations and breakout sessions where, using a digital delivery format, participants will be able to work through challenges and ideate solutions to these wicked problems.

Program Themes

The 2020 virtual Forum will explore several interrelated themes:

  • Climate Change
  • Economic Resilience
  • Equity
  • Advancing Implementation

Learn more about the program here.

Who should attend?

The Forum will be the ideal place for local governments, provincial/federal government, First Nations, the health sector, community service providers, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, community organizations, and the private sector to:

  • Learn from Canadian and international experts about the impacts of climate change and how adaptation and low carbon resilience can shape communities;
  • Participate in interactive workshops set in virtual breakout rooms. The workshops will offer an opportunity to taker a deeper dive into material and develop practical skills.
  • Network with climate leaders and innovators by sharing experience, strategies, and lessons learned in advancing low carbon community resilience.

We hope you will join us at what is sure to be an exciting and inspiring event.