A Message From the Mayor

Message from Mayor Lisa Helps

As a leading edge 21st century city committed to deep sustainability, Victoria is thrilled to host the sixth annual Livable Cities Forum: Advancing Low Carbon Resilience.

I am proud that the City of Victoria has joined other global cities in committing to a target of 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050. This target was set in recognition that cities have a major role to play in reducing the impacts of climate change and building resilience.

Switching to renewable energy has been identified as an important part of supporting our community’s vision for Victoria’s future. We know that 70 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions come from cities. We also know that cities like Victoria are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change including rising sea levels, increased rainfall and the potential for flooding. By planning for our future and developing innovative programs like our stormwater utility and building sustainable infrastructure such as bike lanes and rain gardens we can reduce our footprint and lessen the potential impacts of climate change in our communities.

The Livable Cities Forum is an opportunity for communities across Canada to come together and share knowledge and experience with each other. I look forward to welcoming you to Victoria this September for this exciting opportunity to learn from each other on how we can build resilient and sustainable cities for future generations.


Lisa Helps

Victoria Mayor